Research Administration and Finance (RAF) serves as a central resource by providing guidance and stewardship for the entire research community at Rensselaer. RAF assists faculty with proposal submissions, grants, contracts, subawards, and agreements, along with help in complying with sponsored project regulations and requirements.

Our Role


  • Provide administrative review and processing of proposals for submission
  • Coordinate with faculty and business managers regarding budgets
  • Ensure all required documents are provided in proper format
  • Complete FINAL review of proposal and submit to agency


  • Institutional liaison with agencies to administer externally funded awards
  • Responsible for the review and negotiation of contracts and subcontracts
  • Process modifications for existing awards (i.e., NCE, Budget Revisions)
  • Set-up Banner Funds for new awards and update existing Funds for Mods


  • Generate invoices and financial reports as required by agency guidelines
  • Monitor fiscal activity and manage expenditure review/post-process audit
  • Complete the closeout process for all expired awards within 90 days
  • Provide guidance on financial systems and current fund balances
  • Approve JVs/Transfers/Subaward invoices


  • Ensures data integrity for all content within Banner and Cayuse SP
  • Generate, analyze and validated research data for external reporting
  • Maintains Cayuse SP and provide campus support and training
  • Interface with DotCIO for IT support and data warehouse needs
  • Maintains RAF website in terms of content and layout
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