Requests & Questions

All questions or requests regarding proposal and award should be communicated to the appropriate inbox below. This will ensure your email is received and directed to the proper personnel. Your support is appreciated as we move forward with streamlining operations and improving response times.

RAFProposals@rpi.eduCommunications regarding questions on creating a proposal record in Cayuse SP, Adding a new sponsor/subcontractor to Cayuse SP, continuations, renewals and resubmissions. New User request to Cayuse SP, issues with Cayuse SP/424, report login issues or questions about Cayuse SP.

Awards@rpi.eduRequests for award status, incremental funds, no-cost extensions, re-budget, and other award questions.

Subawards@rpi.eduFor inquiries on Subawards issued from Rensselaer to an external entity.

Postaward_RAF@rpi.eduFor all research finance inquiries.

If you would like to express concerns regarding the response time to a recent inquiry, please feel free to contact John Braungard or Carina Teator 

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