No Cost Extensions

The Principal Investigator (PI) is expected to complete work under sponsored agreements within the project period specified in the award. However, if the PI needs additional time to complete the approved scope of work within the limit of funds already made available either the sponsor, or in certain cases Research Administration and Finance (RAF), may consider a request to extend the expiration date of the award at no additional cost (commonly referred to as a “No-Cost Extension”, or NCE). The request must be submitted to RAF utilizing the Rensselaer No-Cost Extension Request Form.

The PI must certify that all research compliance matters are up to date and all technical reports have been submitted for all no-cost extension requests, whether internally reviewed/approved or submitted externally to the sponsor for review and approval. If a project involves the use of humans or animals as research subjects, an updated approved protocol valid for the length of the extension will be necessary. If the portion of the work that involved the use of research subjects is completed, a statement indicating such should be provided.

The fact that there are remaining unspent and/or unobligated funds at the expiration of the award is not sufficient justification for an extension of time. The request must be supported by a scientific justification relating to why the work could not be accomplished on time, and what work will be done during the extension period. Generally, a single extension may not exceed twelve months and only with a written justification will more than one extension be requested by RAF from the sponsor for approval.

The request must contain:

  1. Length of time for which the extension is being requested.
  2. A justification for the extension request.
  3. A brief statement as to the progress and work remaining to be completed.
  4. Unobligated funds currently remaining on the scheduled expiration date.

No-cost extensions that require sponsor review must be submitted to RAF ten (10) days prior to the sponsor imposed deadline for requesting project extensions. Please note: No-cost extensions do not eliminate the requirement to provide technical reports to sponsors. In fact, in certain instances, an NCE creates an additional reporting requirement. For example, a one year NSF grant only requires the submission of a final technical report; however, when a no-cost extension is granted, both an annual technical report (due by the original term date of the grant) and a final technical report (due no more than 90 days after the new end date of the grant) are required.

Submit this request via webform.

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