Current and Pending Support

As a courtesy, RAF maintains an OBI report for Sponsored Projects that is sent to Investigators when a proposal record in Cayuse SP has been initiated. This replaces the old version of the Current and Pending document provided by RAF from BRIO. RAF may not have all of the current support on file if it was not awarded to our office as a sponsored project fund. Please verify that all information listed is up-to-date and correct and contact for any changes needed on the report.

Please keep in mind that Current and Pending support information must be provided for any proposals currently under consideration, irrespective of whether such support is provided through the proposing organization or is provided directly to the individual. This means that whether or not the support was awarded through Rensselaer, the investigator will need to provide the information on his/her current and pending. It is important to note that RAF does not have access to any records for proposals and projects that were not submitted through RAF. If investigators have any funding or in-kind support that they receive directly, it will not be included on the Sponsored Projects report.

It is important that investigators review changes to the federal requirements and format of the current and pending and other support documents utilized by federal agencies, to ensure compliance and understanding of the requirements.

It is the investigator's responsibility to certify the information provided information included on the proposal submission is complete and accurate.

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