Proposal Review and Submission

Cayuse SP simplifies the entire sponsored project lifecycle management from proposal creation to award close-out and will be the repository for institutional proposal and award data. Members of the campus community will be able to better monitor their sponsored research proposal and award activities and, the status from proposal submission to award set-up in a single, on-line portal.

What this means for new proposal development and submissions

Cayuse SP will provide an opportunity to electronically capture regulatory and compliance data, and route proposals electronically for internal approvals before submission to the sponsor.

One of the most important features of Cayuse SP is that it provides a single point of entry for proposal data and any documents that are required for internal review. It does not, however, link directly to sponsor websites, nor does it change the way that proposals are submitted, whether that is through Cayuse 424,, a sponsor website, e-mail, or paper.

What this means for managing new awards

Research Administration and Finance is currently processing all awards through Cayuse SP. As a result, principal investigators and department administrators will begin receiving all award documents and communications by system generated emails with links to access award information in the Cayuse SP system.

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