Proposal Deadlines

The timeline below allows adequate time for proposal development assistance and thorough review for content readability, proposal completeness per RFP, budget, budget justification, cost sharing approvals, and other critical components of proposal development. The PIs will receive the ultimate potential for a successful proposal.

Start a new proposal record in Cayuse SP as soon as you begin intend to write a proposal. Initiating a proposal record in Cayuse SP is the first notification RAF receives that a new proposal is being drafted. That information is important for planning and to balance workloads.

Sponsor posted deadlines later than 5pm Eastern time will be treated as 5pm Eastern time by RAF and the VPR’s Office. Deadlines that fall on any weekend day will be considered to have a 5 pm Eastern Time deadline the Friday before. Deviation outside business hours will require prior approval of the AVP of Research Administration and Finance, and will only be considered in extraordinary circumstances.


10 - 15 Days Before Deadline

5 Days Before Deadline

3 Days Before Deadline

Initiate proposal request in Cayuse SP

Upload Final Budget approved by RAF

Upload Final Documents in required system

Provide URL or upload solicitation information

Create Proposal in required submission system (Fastlane, Cayuse 424, etc.)

Proposal request should route to RAF
for Final Review and submission to Sponsor*

Identify and enter Investigators/Research Team members in Cayuse SP

Obtain approvals for Cost Sharing, etc.


Upload Draft budget (RPI excel template)

Upload Draft Technical


If your proposal includes Subcontracts please provide contact information in the Submission Notes section in SP for both the Sponsored Research Office and Lead Collaborator.

Route proposal record in Cayuse SP for Approvals


NOTE: If the Cayuse SP proposal record is routed prior to ensuring the draft budget has been approved and finalized by RAF, the proposal records will be returned back to the PI as a Draft and rerouted after RAF review and approval of the budget.

Timelines for the Holiday breaks should be referenced here: Holiday Schedule.

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